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At My Extra English we believe that everyone deserves to learn English and  have fun at the same time! That’s why our classes are dynamic, interesting, and effective! 

Our pedagogic department is highly trained and experienced, boasting masters degrees in language acquisition, degrees in social education, and specialisations in early years education. Our London-born director has more than 15 years experience coordinating language courses all over Europe.

From P3 to 6th

Our teaching of English is dynamic and motivating, using the most up-to-date methodologies.

Focused on speaking and listening

Our courses are filled with songs, stories, engaging images, all using the latest technology to motivate students.

We instill a love for English

From an early age and for a lifetime, it will remain with our students during the language learning journey.

  • Material

We combine an innovative mix of game-based learning with the wonderful materials from our partners at National Geographic Learning. In addition to high-quality materials from great educational pioneers like Orchard Games from the UK, our courses are packed full with songs, stories, projects, and speaking activities!

  • Teachers

Our dynamic team of teachers are expertly trained in our methodology and highly-motivated to deliver outstanding language classes. They make sure that every class is packed full of fun!



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